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We Are Based in Adelaide

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Why the Neon 4x4 Camper Tent?

You can go real remote four wheel driving and still offering the convenience to tow the boat or motorbike with out any issues.

One Person Job

What About Storage?

Mounting to your Vehicle

Purchase our Neon 4x4 Camper Tent

What About Tub Height?

Convenience and Savings

There is great fuel economy and consumption considering your not towing a large camper trailer and the savings on the extra registration fee. Likewise with storing the camper trailer when not in use. 

Want it Installed?

We can arrange installation!

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Our Warranty

The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 12mths from date of purchase. Defects that occur within the warranty period, under normal use and care, will be repaired or refunded at our discretion.