Q: How high does my tub need to be?

A: 1.400 Maximum Height / 1.350 Best Height / 1.250 and under will require wheel blocking


Q: What are the dimensions of fully set up tent?



Q: How about shipping?

A: We will happily ship to any state just shoot us an email over at our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote. Pick up is also available for South Australian residents only.  


Q: What about the instructions?

A: Each purchase of our tents will include an instruction manual.


Q: Mounting your tent to your vehicle?

A: With every purchase of our tent we will include free Tent Tub Rails and a mounting instruction manual.


Q: Sleeping more than 4? Or did you you need more enclosed space?

A: Why not Add an Extra Room 


Q: Whats the overall shipping size?

A: PACKING SIZE: 1980 X 1800 X 220 mm

Q: Whats the size of the tent on my tub

A: 1900 mm Length x 1750 mm x Width 180 mm Height