About Us / Development

About us and why did we develop it?
We’ve been travelling a lot over the years from the rough terrain and remote areas of the outback, to vast coastal towns and beaches of Australia.
Our 4WD loaded to the hilt, with our swags, a tent, water, food, fuel and all the amenities needed to keep us going, not to mention all the spare tyres, a must in the outback.
But this became a problem.
We were running out of room. The tent and the swags had to go. So we looked into other ways to accommodate us while travelling and being comfortable without costing us heaps.
A roof top tent maybe?
Asking around, friends told us the wind and dust were a problem and getting up and down a high ladder at night proved to be a task, due to back tracking on the ladder they found it was a challenge.
But the roof top was only for sleeping and no storage and no enclosed room for rainy days.
Next a camper trailer, although it was better than a roof top tent, it was going to be quite an expensive option, apart from the fact you needed somewhere to store it when not in use.
When travelling in the outback especially off road, you needed a camper trailer with good suspension and shockers, the only problem was how much was this going to cost?
Probably thousands.
Was our 4wd up to scratch to tow it? Then we couldn’t tow our boat or 4wd motorbike either.
That’s when our NEON 4x4 Camper tent was developed.
We designed and made a camper tent that would fit on top of 4x4 Twin Cab & Single Cab Tubs.
So Installing it on the back of our BT50, we were then able to fit it out with drawers, accommodating our fridge, with lots of room for water, batteries, food and all the necessities we needed for travelling.
The fuel containers and tyres placed on top of the roof rack.
We now found the tub had the same room as a camper trailer.
So developing this camper tent made sense.
It can accommodate at least five people but as it was just the two of us, we had a comfy double bed and lounge room 2.4 x 1.75, with a large awning.
Easy to assemble being a one man operation and packing it up is a breeze.
Towing our boat, or our 4wheel motor bike was now not a problem we had many options.
With all the comforts of home right there on the back of our tub we only have to rely on our 4wheel drive to take us on our journeys. Now it was as simple as packing and going.